Fixing Email SSL Certificate Issues with iPhones and iPads

iPhones and iPads have a number of complications if they fail to validate an Email Server SSL Certificate.

The worst one is that they refuse to allow any changes to the settings once  a certificate has failed validation which means that you are not able to fix the issue.

You can use the following procedure to save your account information, then to disable SSL.

1) Enter Mail on iPhone/iPad
2) Select Other from the list of mail provider options
3) Enter all the Account details
4) Click Save, and you will be presented with the “invalid certificate” message
5) Click CANCEL, an you get returned to the settings screen
6) Click SAVE“again, it says, “You may not be able to receive email…”
7) Click OK
8) Now you can go back into the settings, and the ADVANCED button now shows up at the bottom of the mail screen.
9) NOW you can go into the advance tab and turn OFF SSL for both sending and receiving mail.

Date: March 22, 2017

Category: Email Client Guides

Author: John Taylor

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