Client Testimonials

We have had many satisfied clients who have requested a wide range of our services. Many of our clients have chosen to return to us for additional projects which they have had. Listed below is feedback which we have received from our clients upon our completion of their solutions.

Software Verification
Client name:Stephen Kellett
"When we started the company we decided to outsource all of the logic and management of the website. We chose J.T.Response. Now we don't have to track ever changing web standards or worry about the servers. We're very happy with John's service, having used J.T.Response for the last 7 years. We expect to continue working with John for some considerable time into the future."
Platonic Partners
Client name:Susie King
"John helped me look at the many elements involved in getting my website hosted, with patience and humour, resulting in excellent service at a very reasonable price. I cannot recommend him highly enough."
Client name:Ashley Baldwin-Smith
"I have had the pleasure of working with John on many contracts for over ten years. In my view he is very reliable. Best of all, despite what we throw at him, he always finds a solution."
Client name:20Twenty Productions CIC
"I just wanted to firstly thank you for the great work you have done on the web-site ... we're really pleased, just looking forward to using it now."
Makit Lace
Client name:Steve Stephenson
"JTResponse salvaged the work of other 'professionals' and gave us a website and shop that worked. Their attitude, response and technical skill is such that we cannot imagine a situation where we would wish to work with another company."
Circe Cycles
Client name:Richard Loke
"We're very pleased with the work that J T Response did for us. We found them easy to work with and responsive and understanding with any modifications and snagging"